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Announcing RentApp, Free Online Rental Applications

Today we announced RentApp – a new, free online rental application service for property managers who are not using our web-based property management software. Read the release here.

Note: Our AppFolio customers already can accept rental applications online and use the built-in screening service.

Why RentApp?
Many property managers offer rental applications on their website – but these are often PDFs that must be downloaded, printed and faxed by the potential renter, leaving the property manager with stacks of annoying paperwork. We also found that the online rental application solutions available today can be costly and many property managers don’t use them because it is too hard and time consuming to customize and include with their vacancy postings.

RentApp was built to solve these problems and offer property managers (who aren’t yet using the AppFolio property management software) the quickest and easiest way to accept online applications and screen residents, so they save a ton of time that can then be devoted to more important tasks. We’ve invested a lot of time and effort on usability testing to make it very easy for both the property manager and the potential resident.

How does it work?
Signing up for RentApp takes less than a minute – Property managers simply set up an account, customize the rental application and add links to the online application right on their vacancy ads. RentApp also offers property managers the option to include credit, criminal and background screening, with packages starting at $10 per screen – streamlining another task.

“We love RentApp,” said Edith Sanchez-Badawy (Porta Rossa Apartments). “It is just so easy and convenient for our prospective residents and our leasing agents to receive applications online – our company can now reach many more clients.”

Learn more at www.RentApp.com

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