Easy To Switch To, Set Up, Use, And Manage

It just wouldn't make sense for us to offer unlimited free service, support, and training if our product wasn't easy to use.

Our approach is different. We believe that the most important "feature" is that you can use the software effectively. This means you spend time focused on running your business, not on figuring out complicated technology.

"We love AppFolio—it's like we went from a row boat to a private luxury jet. WOW!!! It has saved us so much time getting out owner draws and reports."

~ John M. Ferguson, President
Precision Realty & Management

In fact, everything about our solution is designed to be easy—easy to switch to, set up, use and manage.

  • You can learn how to use AppFolio Property Management Software in hours, not days or weeks.
  • We spend time testing the features with our customers before we release them so we can continue to improve your experience when you're using AppFolio Property Manager.
  • Our intuitive search feature helps you find information faster, so you waste less time and provide better service to your customers.


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