The Future Of Leasing Is Online

Close more renters on the spot with AppFolio's online leasing.

You've been there before … a potential renter loves your property … takes a rental application … and thanks you for your time. And then … you never hear from them again. The old, paper-based applications and lease agreements are time consuming, inefficient and allow too many opportunities to lose the prospective renter to a competitor's vacancy.

Take Your Business Into the 21st Century

AppFolio Property Manager offers a mobile-friendly online leasing solution that takes your business into the 21st Century.

From quickly listing vacant properties directly from AppFolio, to showing properties where potential renters can complete an online application on the spot. Property managers can then instantly run background, credit and rental payment history checks. If you choose the applicant, your customized lease agreement is automatically populated and your new resident can digitally sign on the spot. It's that easy!

"Having the ability to handle the entire leasing process from a mobile device has simplified our workflow tremendously," said Meir Roth of Red Group Consulting, Inc. "Not only do we close business faster, but our prospective residents are much happier that everything can be done on the fly. It's a convenient, smart way for us to fulfill the wish lists of modern renters."

~ Meir Roth
Red Group Management

Mobile-Optimized Rental Application

With AppFolio, your prospective residents can simply apply online from any mobile device or computer, take camera photos of their important documents and even pay the application fee via credit card. All the data from the application is automatically entered into AppFolio.

Built-in Screening

Instead of working in multiple systems, AppFolio clients just press the "Screen Now" button when a new online rental application is received. If approved, you can move directly into the Online Lease Agreement with your prospective renter right on the spot.

Online Lease Agreement

After running a credit check and background screen, the property manager can then generate a customized online lease agreement pre-populated with the renters application data and email or show it on a mobile device it to them for review and electronic signature. The lease agreement can be customized to support your unique lease requirements and filled out by your prospective renter completely online—saving valuable time, simplifying the leasing process and helping you attract the best residents even faster.

Online Leasing Key Benefits:

  • Easy to view and use on any mobile device
  • Eliminates the need to meet to execute paper documents—this means you will close more business on the spot … they won't leave to go look at (and potentially rent) a different home!
  • Online rental application data automatically populates the online lease agreement—saving you a ton of manual effort and time
  • On-site/online built-in digital lease agreement signing offered at no cost
  • Support customized leases—create multiple lease templates, includes customized addenda and allows prospect to sign lease online
  • Reduce double entry of data and avoid mistakes
  • Save money by eliminating 3rd party solutions!

Now you can manage your entire leasing flow online—this is the most modern and mobile solution available and will offer a competitive advantage over property managers who have not embraced the mobile trend.



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