It is amazing to watch how quickly we all have come to use the Internet to ‘see what our peers think’. When I go out to dinner I often check reviews on Yelp, when I stay at a hotel I look for reviews on Tripadvisor – I rely on these reviews to help me make my choices! The same applies when you’re evaluating a new software. In our marketing we rely heavily on our case studies and sharing our customers’ real experiences when switching to AppFolio.

We recently profiled an AppFolio customer, Real Estate Management Group, located in Montana. Our case study focused on their experience with AppFolio with integrated ACH rent collection as they converted from using PropertyView’s Peak Property Management software in combination with PayLease to collect rent online from their residents. Sadly the original case study we published contained an error. We incorrectly highlighted a savings of $5K/year in reduced costs when converting from PayLease to AppFolio’s online rent payment. The actual cost savings of the amount paid to PayLease is $2,800/year. When we found out about the error we quickly posted an updated case study.

The case study identified many different areas of cost savings throughout their business:

We are glad to have the chance to update this case study and to apologize to PayLease!