AppFolio presents the Happy Video:

At AppFolio we understand that a positive work environment coupled with a creative and talented team is the key to success. We love what we do, and it shows. That is why we decided to capture a behind-the-scenes video of the energy, creativity and fun that is a staple of our team, and is sure to make you smile…and probably dance around too!

We caught up with AppFolio’s Marketing Specialist Stephanie to get the scoop on the inspiration and meaning behind the Happy Video:

What was the inspiration behind the Happy Video?

Aimee (our VP of Marketing) fell in love with the Pharrell Williams song and suggested that the marketing team have fun with the song for our hack day project. The marketing team loved the idea and pulled together to make the video happen. It turned out to be more fun than we ever thought possible!

You created this video as a project for Hack Day. Can you tell us more about Hack Day and why it’s a tradition at AppFolio?

Hack Day is 24 hours of innovation, collaboration and celebration. Hack Day is all about supporting and building an innovative culture within the company and allowing employees to express their creativity outside their day-to-day work. This was our fifth Hack Day, which began as an activity from our engineering department and has steadily grown, with reps from every department participating. This is my second year of participating in Hack Day and I’ve been absolutely amazed at the final projects that come out of it,  from intuitive notifications in AppFolio Property Manager to a coffee pot with a sensor that detected who took the last cup without refilling the pot and took a picture of them!

How many people participated in Hack Day?

This year we had 121 people company wide participate in Hack Day. Our entire engineering team participated and we also had individuals from Marketing, Customer Success, and Value+.  “This year we had 45 projects. The projects are always amazing and this hack day was no exception. Many of them were very interesting from a technical perspective.” – Jon Walker (AppFolio’s Chief Technology Officer)

What do you think this video conveys about the people and culture at AppFolio?

The video shows that the people that work here are all awesome (and great dancers!) I believe that AppFolio is made up of great people and that each of us thrive on building a happy and fun culture every single day. It’s great that we get a chance to show our creativity, personality and amazing dancing skills.

So, what makes you happy (besides working at AppFolio)?

My husband, my family, my friends and living in beautiful Santa Barbara. And of course, working here and dancing around the office to the Happy song for 24 hours. 🙂