3 Unconventional Yet Simple Strategies For Apartment Marketing

Last modified on June 12th, 2024

Keeping your vacancy rate low is always a focus for rental property managers and owners. So how can you get your property noticed and ensure a steady stream of tenants for your vacant units?

You should of course use the conventional apartment marketing methods such as local newspaper ads, free online listings like Craigslist, Zillow, and Rent.com, and local real estate agents. These can be effective and should be part of your overall marketing plan.

However, ensuring your property stands out from the crowd may require using other methods to attract attention. To that end, here are three ideas for apartment marketing that are simple to execute but will help you get additional visibility.

Work With Local Employers And Job Placement Agencies
People that are being hired need a place to live and you want them to start their search with you. Get in touch with the HR department of local businesses and ask them to include you in their new employee orientation and relocation packages. Offer to make a donation to their favorite charity for every placement into one of your units.

Create a separate page on your website specifically for larger employers. Include a map of your property and the location of surrounding stores, restaurants, and schools. Ask the HR group to publicize and share the link in company newsletters and other employee communications.

Throw A Party
Set up an open house complete with a barbecue or an ice cream bar for your existing and prospective tenants. Include a DJ, games, and a raffle for a television set or iPad. Offer a gift card to a local business for anyone who takes a tour of one of your units.

Engage Your Tenants
Perhaps the best source of new tenants is using word of mouth from your existing tenants. Give them all cool, free T-shirts, with the property name, phone number and web site address on the shirt. You can ask a local artist to design the shirt to ensure it’s unique, stylish and something your tenants would truly like to wear. Another option is to give your tenants referral cards with a place for their name. Offer a cash incentive for every tenant that signs up as a result of their efforts.

In fact, you can get quite creative with your referral incentives. For example, consider offering a complimentary VIP parking spot for a month, a complimentary dinner at an exclusive restaurant in the area, or simply discounted rent. Another fun option is to treat them to a concert, play or ballet production.

Keeping your property in the spotlight is a never-ending challenge. Using some imagination and creativity, and having some fun, can ensure that prospective tenants think of you first when looking for an apartment.


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