The 5-Year Plan: A Property Manager’s Secret to Rapid Growth – Webinar Recap

Last modified on June 13th, 2024

buildings growthHow did one property manager hit hard by the recession bounce back to grow more than 500% in 5 years?

Matthew Whitaker, Founder and Director of Market Development at gkhouses, shares the story of how they redefined success, thanks to an aggressive growth strategy and smart hiring decisions.

In a recent webinar, Matthew walked us through the cornerstones of his business and company culture.

3 Key Takeaways from Matthew’s Presentation:

Focus on Acquisitions. Place a strong emphasis on growing through acquisitions, or what gkhouses calls “hard work marketing.” Matthew and his team have found success in platform acquisitions, ones in which the previous management has built a strong portfolio but is seeking retirement or a career change. Matthew recommends this path because it’s proved easier to grow and see profitability early on when the businesses were already thriving in their respective markets.

Technology Lessons He’s Learned:

  1. Run on one system and look for software that promises continuous innovation.
  2. Look to automate as much as you can. Also be careful to recognize that certain touch points are better in person.
  3. Deploy workers where work is needed and onboard new employees quickly.

Never Lose the Student Mentality. Matthew attributes a lot of his success – and the success of his business – to the knowledge they’ve found in books and from the people they’ve met in the industry.

Recommended Reading:

  • Traction by Gino Wickman
  • Good to Great by James C. Collins
  • Alliance by Reid Hoffman

Above All, Hire Right. Be intentional about who you hire. Matthew recommends hiring for attitude and then training for the tasks. Always be looking for individuals who fit your company culture and align with your core values. For gkhouses, that means an entrepreneurial spirit, transparency, and a growth mentality.

Matthew’s advice for those leading a younger generation of workers?

Emphasize the importance of their vision for their careers. Encourage them to be open about long-term goals and be sure to view their time with your company – even if it’s only two years – as an opportunity for you to invest in good people and help them develop their skills. Matthew says he loves to reward diligent and forward-thinking team members with the chance to continue leading within the company by putting them in charge of new markets. Look to empower people and it’ll affect your company – and the trajectory of their careers – for the better.

For more on Matthew’s presentation and how gkhouses continues to lead from the top, check out the recording below:


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