Amy Kosnikowski’s “Power Leasing Questions” That Help You Close Prospects

Last modified on July 11th, 2016

Last July, Amy Kosnikowski of Quintessential Marketing & Training, shared her expertise with us and hundreds of listeners in the informative Webinar titled “Tips to Soar this Leasing Season.” Through her years of experience in the industry, Amy developed a list of “Power Questions” that helped her become a top sales producer and enabled her to close more prospects faster.

When you understand the priorities of your prospects, you are able to sell to those features. Below are Amy’s “Power Questions” that have proven to be successful to her and her team. We hope you find value in these great questions.

What is a deciding factor for you?

What amenities in a community would you value the most?

What features are most important to you in an apartment home?

What do you require in an apartment home?

What are your specific needs in an apartment home?

Other than ______________, what else is important to you?

How will this effect your decision?

Tell me your expectations of an apartment community’s services, features and amenities.

Tell me what do you love the most about where you live now?

What is important to you after you move into your new home?

Why are you moving to a new location?

What is your price range that you are looking to stay within?

What prompted you to call today?

What exact advertisement did you view our community in?

What about that ad made you call?

What attracted you to our community?

How did you find out about our community?

How flexible are your moving timeframe?

When you are looking to make a decision?

Are you working with any time constraints in making your decision?

In order for you to make an informed decision, what information will you need from me?

What exactly will your final decision be based on?

Beside yourself, who will be assisting you in the decision?

What have you found so far in your apartment search?

Have you looked at other communities thus far? Tell me what you have liked or not liked.

What details can I help you with in making your moving decisions?

How can I make your decision easier?

Do you have any questions that I can answer that will help you in making your decision?

Where are you in the decision-making process?

What can I do to make this a comfortable move for you?


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