Best Smart Home Devices to Install This Fall

Last modified on June 18th, 2024

Whether it’s a busy community association manager or a hardworking property owner, people value technology that makes their lives easier. Smart home devices save an estimated 30 minutes a day. Here are our top picks for smart home devices that make community association life easier.

Best Smart Home Devices for Common Areas

Energy Monitoring Device

Energy monitoring devices deliver the potential for major cost (and energy) savings. By installing one of these devices on the circuit breaker panel, your association manager can gain oversight into energy consumption patterns and trends. Knowledge is power, as this information will help your association manager spot and address energy hogs to lower your association’s energy output and bills.

Smart Outlets

If you rely on exterior lighting for common areas – say, a roof deck or patio – then you’ll want smart outlets. These outlets let your association manager, maintenance person, or board members control exterior lighting from a smartphone, so you can turn on the pool lights at dusk or illuminate the seasonal lighting display.

Smart Security Camera

Security cameras are a powerful deterrent and can attract security-minded homebuyers to your community over others that lack visible security cameras. Next-generation smart security cameras provide cloud storage for video footage, night mode, rechargeable batteries, and easy integration with other smart home devices.

It’s easy to upgrade your current security system with smart cameras, which are reliable and simple to use.

Best Smart Home Devices for Units

Video Doorbell

The desire for peace of mind and security prompt many homebuyers to search for townhome and condo complexes. These properties offer peace of mind through proactive maintenance and boost security through gated entrances, security guards, or simply the presence of so many neighbors. Video doorbells allow homeowners to see who is at the door without putting themselves or their families at risk. By adding video doorbells to units, you can boost the sense of security and safety, with positive correlations on homeowner mood and property turnover.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to see and manage property temperatures from their smartphones. Property owners who are interested in energy efficiency and convenience love the smart thermostat trend, as they can enjoy greater control over temperatures. Adding smart thermostats in new or renovated properties boosts appeal to modern homebuyers who seek convenient, eco-friendly property.

When installed in common areas, they allow your property manager to automate temperatures in hallways, lounges, and other spaces. Switching to smart thermostats in common areas saves money and increases transparency around energy use.

These devices provide powerful data about energy use at the association level. When combined with property management software, smart home devices save your association time and money while adding value. Look for holiday incentives on smart home devices to get the technology your community wants for less.

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