Last modified on January 5th, 2016

We hosted a great webinar earlier today with Grace Hill and AppFolio, featuring Charity Hisle a leading expert on social media for property management. Charity gave the audience several great tips on how to run successful Facebook Ad campaigns including how to maximize your return when promoting events on Facebook by running them 2 weeks in advance. Charity always has great tips and memorable examples inside her content. For example, if you are located in New Jersey, a criteria for success will not be to acquire 200 new likes from people in India!

Here’s the recorded webinar and the presentation slides with a few questions we didn’t have time to answer. Stay tuned for our new eBook that we’ll release with Charity – coming soon!

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How do “Check-Ins” help your Facebook Page?
Just like other activities on Facebook, check-ins are visible to the friends of those who check-in to your community. In addition, activity on your Page increases your potential reach, or visibility within the newsfeeds of your fans. (Of course, friend activity is determined by individual privacy settings and may not always be visible to friends.)

How do “promoted posts” work?
Promoted posts are available to Page owners after the page has reached a pre-determined number of likes. (I’ve been told that number is 400.) Beneath the update you’ve posted, you will have the option to promote that post for a set budget to an estimated number of individuals (fans or friends of fans). The post will show up within the newsfeeds of fans or friends of fans over the period of approximately three days – vs. the standard 2.5 hours of visibility.

What are good ways to drive engagement and “likes” on our Facebook Page?
Fun content is the best way to drive likes and engagement. I have a rule of thumb: “If it isn’t Educational, Entertaining, or Engaging – don’t post it!” Photos are the TOP item to share these days. Even if you’re only posting a text update, place that text into an image and make it eye-catching.

What is a “sponsored story?”
A sponsored story is an ad based on content posted to your page. It can include pretty much anything. Sponsored stories show up within newsfeeds based on your targeting preferences and increase engagement and brand awareness.

How do I post a deal on Facebook?
Go to to get started. Easy-peasy!

How much money should we spend on Facebook ads?
This will depend on your budget, goals, potential reach, and level of success. If you’re not seeing success, adjust your strategy! If you’re low on budget, try promoted posts to get a feel for the process – you can try this for as little as $5. When you’re ready to advance, move on to sponsored stories and share GREAT content on your page.

What about Fair Housing and advertising?
Remember to use diverse photos in your ads and within the content on your page. It isn’t a bad idea to include the fair housing logo within your images as well. When using the targeting options for ads, I recommend targeting individuals 18+ only and avoiding any targeting options that would prevent protected classes from viewing your ads.