What’s Going On with Google? SEO for Property Managers – Webinar Recap

Last modified on August 11th, 2017

google searchThe future of your online presence can be scary to think about when it’s in someone else’s hands. Luckily, Google’s dominance in the Digital Age is your advantage. It all just depends on whether you’re keeping up with the latest trends unfolding in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

In a recent webinar featuring Simon Heseltine, VP of Search for ForRent.com, Simon highlighted the various ways search engines prioritize a website’s search ranking.

As a property manager, this affects your bottom line more than you think. Most renters conduct their initial search for an apartment online, and if your listings aren’t making it to the top, they’re often left unseen. Soon, search engines will favor mobile-friendly websites, giving them the top SEO spots. How can you compete?

Make your properties – and your company – stand out in the competitive rankings of Google by focusing on the following areas:  

Learning as much as you can in these areas will help you crack the search code so you’ll have the best chance at attracting renters and filling vacancies faster.

For more on Simon’s presentation – including how to adopt mobile-friendly practices, increase profitability, and maintain the number one position in Google search – check out the recording below:


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