Grow Your Property Management Business Through Local PPC

Last modified on July 11th, 2016

An effective marketing strategy for your property management business is to maintain a mix of advertising channels. One that is gaining popularity because of its success in spurring property management growth is Local Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Even if you are already using PPC, reconfiguring your campaigns to be more locally focused can yield even better results.

Local PPC is geographically-targeted (“geo-targeted”) online advertising that appears on websites and search engines. The advertiser buys the ad but pays only when a user clicks on it – hence the term “pay per click.” This cost-effective method can more readily reach your target audience than relying on only organic search results. Property management companies are finding that by narrowly focusing their PPC campaigns on local markets, they can yield powerful results.

To that end, several keys to a successful Local PPC campaign are outlined below.

Focus on the area surrounding your office by specifically targeting the associated metro area, city, zip code or “miles within” (targeting your ads within a specific radius from your office’s exact location). This is an effective strategy for attracting new building owners that reside within a realistic service area for your business.

Begin your PPC campaign by choosing keywords that building owners will be entering into search engines when they are looking for a property management company to hire. Set your bids on those keywords or phrases in priority order, as your per-keyword bids will influence how much you pay every time someone clicks on your ads.

Include generic keywords such as “property management companies” within a geo-targeted campaign. In addition to that, you should incorporate keywords that specify the city and/or state, such as “property management companies phoenix” or “property management phoenix az”. On top of all of this, be specific in adding long-tail keywords. For example, try detailed keyword phrases such as “residential property management companies phoenix az”. Those details will capture a smaller percentage of the overall number of searchers, but will help you attract precisely the type of searcher likely to be most interested in your services. You can use Google’s keyword tool to uncover monthly search volumes per keyword phrase to ensure the keywords you select are actually being used by searchers.

Ad Copy
Make sure your ad copy is geo specific. If someone is interested in finding a property management company in Phoenix, then they would be far more likely to click on an ad that specifies Phoenix over other ads that leave the location of your firm or service area unclear.

Utilize the location extension for your PPC ads, which causes your address and phone number to appear along with your ad. You can utilize click-to-call functionality, so that a user can click on a phone number in your ad without any need for dialing. And if you have a robust Google+ page, then your Google AdWords PPC campaign can even display a link to your firm’s Google+ page.

Include sitelinks to direct searchers to different web pages within your website or to different landing pages, based on their search intent. Sitelinks are beneficial in that a set of additional, complementary links appear with your ad. This means your ad takes up more real estate on the search results page, without any additional cost.

Landing Pages & Microsites
When a building owner clicks on your ad, you can take them to your website. Or alternatively, you can create a custom landing page with targeted, detailed information based on the specific search conducted. For example, if you offer property management services in multiple cities, you could create a unique landing page for each city respectively. Be sure your landing page includes a compelling headline and lots of photos of your properties under management.

Instead of an individual landing page, you can also consider a small microsite. A microsite requires more effort, but by working from a template you can easily replicate the structure of your microsites for promotion of your different offerings. For example, if you offer residential property management and commercial property management, you could have a unique microsite for each of these services. Ultimately, you’ll want to test the effectiveness of your website vs. landing pages vs. microsites to confirm the most effective destination for people who click through your PPC ads.

Most people are now online, and building owners are no different. Many of them are beginning their search for a property management firm with the search engines. Design your Local PPC campaign effectively to make it easy for them to find your business.


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