How to Optimize Your Contact Page to Connect with Prospective Renters

Last modified on July 15th, 2015

It might seem obvious, but the contact page is one of the most important areas of your website when it comes to getting potential residents—and it’s also one of the most neglected. The focus of your contact page should be value and functionality. Simply put, can an interested prospect contact you quickly? Many websites put the contact page last on the priority list and that results in a loss of quality leads. While it might not be the first page a potential renter will visit, it certainly could be one of the last, so make it work for you.

One important thing to remember is that while your contact page should include these following features, you should also place your contact phone and email, as well as any social profiles, in the footer of your website so it is easily visible on every page for immediate access. If a prospective renter is on your amenities page and has a question, the phone number and email should be at their fingertips.

Include a [working] contact form.
Listing only your email address or business phone number is a good way to lose a large percentage of your intended audience. Use a simple form to encourage people to reach out to your business at the exact moment that they are thinking about doing so. But please make sure the form is optimized—the fields have a long enough character limit to include complete information, the submit button actually submits, it works as expected on mobile devices—basic functionality that can make or break a deal. And don’t overcomplicate it. Ask for only pertinent information; you can collect the rest when you speak to the interested party. It’s also nice to include a thank-you page that states your response time (i.e., one hour, 1-2 business days) to help manage expectations and start the relationship off on a positive note.

Additional features to include:

  • Hours of operation (days, hours, timezone)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (if available)
  • Google Map of office locations (for easy mobile navigation)
  • Optional: Chat or Skype contact information (a quick way for out-of-towners to video chat you for a more personal experience)

As with the rest of the site, consider a unique design—something that reflects your brand. But remember, this page is about function over fancy. Take a moment to review your company’s current contact page. Does it meet all of the above criteria? If not, start tweaking your contact page so that you can turn more prospective leads into residents.

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