Marketing With An iPad

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

We had so many great responses to the iPad 2.0 Giveaway Contest that we decided to break up the comments into key property management related categories.

Here are some of our favorite responses to how the lucky winner of the iPad would use it for marketing their property management business. We hope you enjoy these and we promise more to come!

1. If we had an iPad we could take it on tours with us. Since our community location is a “hot spot,” we could show people different things in the neighborhood or Google things on the tour to help sell prospects on our property. While we were in a vacant apartment, we could use the furniture mover feature as well, so the applicant could actually stand in the apartment and see what the furniture would look like 🙂 -Renee

2. We would use the iPad to introduce tenants to their own network of fellow residents. We could take their photos and they could post classified ads amongst themselves and host mixers, etc. Basically we would try to create a sense of community for each development and use the iPad2 as an Ambassador. -Dianne

3. We’d use the iPad as an interactive leasing tool for non-English speaking prospects and to translate for current residents who speak English as a second language that may have leasing renewal questions or need assistance with service requests for example. -Scott

4. I would love to be able to use the iPad 2.0 video feature to film a vacant unit, upload it to Youtube, and write a caption about it while simultaneously uploading it to our website. We would also use it to post our vacancy ads to Craigslist. It would allow me to access AppFolio while I’m out of the office so that I could always be ready to answer vacancy questions. -Jayme

5. As a very active Chamber member and Marketing Queen, I have the awesome privilege of interacting with A LOT of people at local businesses as well as large Chamber events! So, I will use my iPad to take our community with me everywhere via virtual tour! As an added bonus, just for taking their tour they’ll get to use our Slot Machine app to see what their move-in special will be when they move in!!! -Dee

6. THROW AWAY THE LEGAL PAD 🙂 When marketing with the iPad we could jot down names and numbers and show prospects pictures, balcony inspection notes, record pictures of move outs and take notes…this is an all in one TIME SAVER when out of the office. -Jennifer

7. Whenever I am out of the office marketing, I always feel super unorganized. I have pens, paper, cameras, MapQuest directions, and more scattered throughout my vehicle when I get the day started. My car is basically like one big unorganized desk. With the iPad 2.0, I would be able to create an agenda for the day, take pictures of properties, type in notes/helpful information, and Mapquest would be at the tip of my fingers! The iPad 2.0 is the PERFECT outside marketing tool! I would be better organized and it doesn’t get any better than that. -Natalie

8. We would use them for prospective residents to log into their Facebook and check-in or “like” us and receive half off their application fee! -Ashley

9. We would use the iPad to plan and track events scheduled for our residents such as pool parties, Valentines Day Mingles, etc! What a great gift to help organize and run a property!! -Lori

10. You could manage all of your Social Media sites on your iPad and your property management software would only be a click away. You could use the iPad to create new marketing plans and strategies, especially with it being so portable – you can use it just about anywhere, anytime your creative juices begin to flow….on the beach, at the park, walking your property, doing community service work, wherever you get your inspiration from, you would be able to keep your ideas fresh and not have to search all over for a pen and paper to jot them down – WOW talk about how technology has advanced! -Denise

Thanks to all participants who contributed!


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