Playing Up Your Property’s Best Qualities

Last modified on August 20th, 2013

An effective marketing strategy is essential when you are a property manager. You need to be aware of the information that is most enticing to potential residents when advertising a vacant property. So, what exactly should you focus on when marketing through vacancy ads? That of course depends on what your properties have to offer, but consider the following categories:

Are the vacant units particularly large (especially for the price point)? Are there multiple bathrooms in the larger units? Is there a large amount of counter space? Does it have particularly large closets? These are all great things to mention. Small can also be an asset when described in an effective way. Use descriptors like “cozy” and focus on the aspects of the unit that make it special, even if it is smaller in size. For some residents, having less to clean is not a bad thing if the space is laid out well and easy to live in!

Storage And Parking

In many cities, access to storage (outside of the rental unit) and parking is hard to come by. If you’ve got either or both of these things available with a rental unit, be sure to mention it. This is especially important if you include the cost of storage and parking in the monthly rent without applying an additional fee.

Neighborhood information

Is the property located in a popular neighborhood with access to the best schools, hospitals, and transit systems? These things matter to people. Crime rates and property values can also help persuade people that your vacant unit is in the right location for them, but only when those statistics are particularly fantastic.

Height Of Building And Views

Don’t underestimate the power of great views in a building with a substantial number of stories. Mentioning the floor that a vacant unit is located on, as well as the direction it faces, can really help hook prospective residents. Make sure to appeal to their senses. Don’t just say 10th-story apartment facing west. Instead, talk about the fantastic sunset views from your perch atop the city.

Technology Amenities
Renters today are looking for wi-fi, security and access control features and a choice of cable/satellite providers.  Using technology features to stand out from your competition is a great way to attract the Generation Y renters.  We recently hosted a webinar on this topic with many great suggestions.

To go further, check out our post on improving your vacancy ads. Are there other surprising things that you like to include when marketing vacant properties that are easy to forget about? Let us know in the comments!


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