Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

[Updated 9/10/2015]

Applicant screening is an essential part of what AppFolio’s software can do to make it easier to find qualified residents.  Depending on the property, you may receive dozens, or even hundreds, of applications for a vacancy. Because screening is built into AppFolio’s property management software, this process is much simpler than faxing paper or retyping data into another system.  For our customers using the online applications feature this process is even easier!

How It Works
When an application is submitted online this data is captured in AppFolio Property Manager.  You can press the ‘screen now’ button right in the software and in less than a minute the credit report is displayed – this includes an easy-to-read summary of the important data as well as the FICO credit score.  Property managers can also choose to receive the criminal history which provides a nationwide criminal search.  These screening results are captured as part of the resident record and stored in the software for easy future access.

Clients using AppFolio’s Resident Screening Service now have the option to easily contribute resident payment history data to Experian RentBureau (right from the AppFolio property management software). This rental payment history data is a great predictor of potential issues.  Past payment of rent (consistently and on-time) usually means the resident will continue to pay on time.  This helps our customers identify the highest quality residents and really reduces the risk of making bad leasing decisions.

Now when all of this data is stored right in AppFolio Property Manager if you decide to rent to the applicant you can click the “convert to tenant” button and you’re ready to move him/her into the apartment!

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