Secrets of Successful Property Management Companies (Webinar Recap)

Last modified on March 15th, 2019

With our co-hosts Grace Hill and IREM, we hosted a informative webinar titled “Secrets of Successful Property Management Companies” featuring David Meit, President and CEO of Oculus Realty, LLC.

David is a fantastic presenter and this webinar was packed with several tips and ideas of ways you can improve the overall success of your property management business. David believes that reputation and experience is what it takes to be a successful company and you need to live and breathe the firm you are working for.

In an audience poll, we found out that 40% of our audience is not currently involved in local trades associations! One or many takeaways from this webinar was how important relationship building is and how essential it is to network inside and outside of your industry.

Below is the recorded version of the webinar and the presentation slides that David agreed to share with participants so they had access to all of the great content.

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Any suggestions or guidance on finding a PR firm that is affordable?
It’s important to network and network outside of your industry. Find out were the marketing people are going and show up and you’ll meet all of the PR people – and start building those relationships.

In your presentation you mentioned providing iPhones and iPads to your staff, can you explain how you approach that?
Everybody on our Managements staff has iPhones in order to easily communicate. All of the service requests are also delivered to them via their phone and that’s an important tool that helps us always know what’s going on. Our property managers have iPads and one of the reasons we went with AppFolio is because we were looking for property management software that we could run on our iPads – we can be in a residents apartment, look up there account, run a report, send a email. Do all the things via mobile because if our managers are in our offices we aren’t doing our job.


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