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Five Ways Homes Have Evolved Over the Past Century

Have you ever wondered what our homes will look like in 50 years, 60 years, 100 years? Back in the…

Behind the Scenes Look at Our Technology

Do you ever wonder what goes into developing new features at AppFolio? We have teams of enthusiastic and innovative people that spend each day listening to customers and keeping up with industry trends to provide the best tools and experience in AppFolio Property Manager.

Help Your Single Family Home Investors Plan Their Reno for Increased ROI

This year homeowners building a new home are concentrating on efficiency and simplicity. As a property manager, you can help …

Strategies for Building a Commercial Property Management Portfolio

So you’re ready to start a commercial property management company, but aren’t sure if the timing is right? Here’s a…

3 Reasons Why Self-Training Isn’t Enough for 21st Century Property Managers

If you’ve decided that you’d like to open a property management company in 2015, you might be wondering how to…

Building a Single-Family Property Management Business

Although starting your own single-family property management business is risky – and a bit scary – the market holds plenty…

Turning a Fixer-Upper Into a Registered Landmark

Real estate investors scour the market looking for properties with rock-bottom pricing and potential for sky-high returns on investment. Older, distressed buildings have discounted price tags, but converting an aging building into a modern domicile with all the bells and whistles to attract new residents is expensive.

AppFolio Hack Day 2014

We recently held our 5th annual Hack Day and it was a huge success. We caught up with Jon Walker, CTO at AppFolio, to get the scoop on all the details and history behind this awesome event.

3 Ways AppFolio Property Manager Is Even Better In 2013

The beginning of a new year is always demanding, no matter what your resolution is: eat better, work out more,…

Developing the Resident Screening Reports: How We Did it

Building software that is easy to use isn’t always easy! So we devote a lot of time and resources to…