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Four Reasons Renters Insurance Should Be Compulsory for Your Property

Most landlords, property managers and real estate professionals probably understand the value of landlord insurance. However, many communities still don’t…

Why Aren’t You Requiring Tenant Insurance?

Unfortunately, tenant caused accidents are bound to happen, but they no longer have to be the financial setback to tenants and owners they once were. There are smart and affordable options for mitigating this risk while providing peace of mind.

Should You Require Residents to Have Renters Insurance?

Requiring residents to carry renters insurance is one of the most valuable property management levers that you have at your disposal. Unfortunately, a recent Insurance Information Institute (III) poll indicates a major discrepancy in the number of homeowners that have insurance at 96 percent compared to an estimated 35 percent of tenants who had renters insurance in 2013.

Importance Of Renter’s Insurance

In 2011, there were 95,500 apartment structure fires totaling nearly $1.2 billion in direct property damage, according to National Fire…

Property Management Tricks For Saving Owners Money After An Eviction

When a renter has to be evicted from a property, it costs the tenant, the property management company, and the…

The Benefits Of Requiring Residents To Get Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is an important and valuable component of successful property management business. It has enormous benefits for both the…

Protect Your Properties With Resident Insurance (Webinar Recap)

We hosted a great webinar for AppFolio customers today: Protecting Your Properties with Resident Insurance. Whitney Kopf, our Director of…