There’s a Better Way to Get Work Done: How to Maximize Team Performance through Experience

Last modified on June 26th, 2024

Technology has transformed every aspect of daily life. The way we work and interact with each other in an ever-changing digital world demands business leaders rethink the experiences they deliver not only to their customers, but also to their employees.

Disconnected experiences, clunky, hard-to-manage technology, and outdated processes – all of this has an impact on the way teams work and ultimately will affect business growth. New research from John Burns Real Estate Consulting and AppFolio shows that five of the top growth inhibiting factors for property management companies are directly tied to internal employee training and work process inefficiencies.

Property managers have to realize their in-house teams expect and need, the same instant experiences and mobility features that customers demand.

Identifying workplace performance bottlenecks and implementing appropriate workflow changes that overcome those challenges empowers employees to tap into their inner strengths – leveraging previously underused skills and capabilities. Modern, intuitive technology can help businesses respond to staff needs and stimulate growth.

#1 The Challenge: Customer Service Experiences are Inconsistent

Ninety percent of business leaders polled admitted that standardizing business processes is important, but only 44 percent of teams are efficiently following company protocol. When managing a large portfolio with dispersed teams across many properties and regions, it can be challenging to enforce consistency or measure employee performance. Without proper standardization, your customers will experience varying levels of support from your teams. Inconsistent and unpredictable service encourages uncertainty and a lack of confidence in your business.

The Solution: Automated Workflow Support

Smart, automation-driven workflows improve efficiency and encourage consistency. Intuitive technology provides a step-by-step task management plan to keep workers on target, ensuring that deadlines are met and that handoffs between teams are seamless—creating standardized, predictable practices throughout the company. With technology-assisted workflows, management gains greater visibility into employee performance and confidence in the customer service experience.

#2 The Challenge: Training a Dispersed Workforce is Expensive & Ineffective

Onboarding and training new-hires is expensive and difficult when the workforce is spread across multiple departments and regional properties. It isn’t realistic to try to gather all employees together for a single workshop or training session each time the company updates policies or modifies a workflow.

The Solution: Technology-assisted Training Options

Built-in processes and web-based training get your teams up and running quickly, reducing costs. Guided workflows build employee confidence, while ensuring company standards are followed every time. Internal measurement tools provide leaders with instant access to key performance indicators that expose individual team and department strengths and weaknesses, yielding valuable information necessary for shaping new-hire training and employee retention policies.

#3 The Challenge: Lack of Time to Focus on Business Growth Strategy

Property management leaders say that lack of time to focus on business growth strategies is a real problem.

The Solution: Instant Access to Critical Data

Automating routine tasks with intuitive software solutions allows leaders to reallocate precious time to focus on growth strategies and client relationships. Modern technology provides a single source of truth, instant access to real-time data, and customized dashboards and visualizations, enabling leaders to take control and make strategic decisions for the future of their business.

Maximizing Property Management Employee Performance & Processes Equips Your Team for Success

A high-performance team drives business growth. Technology helps business leaders identify low-performing employees and initiates support to address knowledge gaps and compliance issues.

Leaders who support their teams by incorporating technology-driven workflows into their business model gain a workforce that:

  • Proactively recruits and retains high-quality team members
  • Utilizes built-in workflows that enhance performance and efficiency
  • Access online tools and resources to develop work-related skills and knowledge necessary for maximizing performance
  • Welcomes feedback and coaching based on individual performance
  • Continuously expands work-related competencies for personal and professional growth

Property managers need intuitive, automation-driven technology in order to maximize employee performance, drive retention rates, and boost growth potential. With AppFolio Property Manager PLUS, leverage configurable workflows to automate the obvious, and access real-time data insights in one place to make faster, more informed decisions. Discover more about AppFolio’s latest innovations and see how a modern technology partner can impact your business now and in the future.

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