Using Video To Improve Your Property Management Marketing with Todd Breen – Webinar Recap

Last modified on January 5th, 2016

Our webinar with Todd Breen was packed with great ideas and best practices on how to use video in your property management business. From shooting fantastic marketing videos to using inspection videos to communicate with owners, Todd Breen (CEO of provided so much information we ran out of time for questions. So…here they are (along with the recording of the webinar, streaming from YouTube of course!):

How do you use AppFolio with your YouTube videos?
We upload our Video Tours to YouTube, and cut and paste the link to the YouTube video into the Marketing Information in the Property / Unit Record. Many of the vendors like will actually feed the videos to their sites, and the Craigslist ad generated by AppFolio references the video tour as well.

How hard is it to set up your own channel on YouTube?
Pretty easy. If you’re not sure how to do it, just ‘YouTube’ it! 🙂

Do you video the current residents condition or last known video/pictures?
We will sometimes include a video of the current resident’s condition in a paid Annual Property Review.

What is your favorite video format?
If you buy a YouTube ready camcorder, they’re all my favorite.

What is your average video size in MB? With that, image size?
Depends on whether you shoot in Standard or High Definition. Standard def is under 100Mb, while HiDef takes 500Mb or more.

About how long, on average, are your videos for properties?
The pace of the video is actually more important than the length of the video. However, in general, I would not exceed 5 minutes for a condo or apartment and 10 minutes for a house.

Can we have access to Todd’s training videos? Is there a cost?
There is a property management video package that comes with everything including sample videos for your reference. This costs $299. Find more info here –

I know you said with the right training video editing is not necessary, but can you recommend a software that can do some light editing at a low price point?
I used to use the Windows editing software called Windows Video Maker. Now I have a MAC computer and it comes with iMovie. Right now, YouTube is developing simple video editing tools that people can use to edit video and post it to the Website.

Do you have dedicated employees that video exclusively for your company? This seems like a full time job for someone.
You don’t need slick video skills to make these property videos. You want someone who is knowledgeable about the property and can describe its features. So it is best to train your property managers to film the videos.

Do you think it is necessary to include pictures of the property in online ads and Websites if we are going to have a video?
Yes, because video does not replace photos. If someone is viewing your ad or Website and likes what they see in the photos, then they will invest the 5 minutes to watch the property video. People expect to see both.

Do you recommend Flip video cameras?
I usually recommend the Kodak z18 for a video camera but lately I have been loving my iPhone 4 videos! Be sure to check out the review of the iPhone4 that I posted on my blog at


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