Lois Moore Moves from Yardi Professional to AppFolio in Less Than a Week

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Business owner and property manager, Lois Moore, leads a team focused on delivering efficient and complete property management for property owners in the Portland, Oregon area. L. Moore Property Management provides full management services for well over 200 single family units.

“With AppFolio’s service,
I just couldn’t ask for more. It’s just been great and they’ve made it really easy.

~ Lois Moore

The Problem: Property Management Software Crashes

Lois had been using Yardi Pro for almost 8 years, but in early July, her Yardi Pro system unexpectedly began corrupting data. “I couldn’t post and pay myself commissions, and owner’s statements had all wrong information on them,” recounted Moore. “I was warned I wasn’t using the most extensive system and that it could crash or become corrupted,” said Moore. “But you never really expect it to happen!” The timing of the crash was challenging, both from a business and personal level. “I was completely panicked because I just couldn’t do anything. And this was right before I was supposed to leave for a few days of R & R,” said Moore.

The Solution: Fast Data Migration to AppFolio’s Online Property Management Software Solution

At 5PM on Wednesday, Moore made the decision to switch to a new online property management software by AppFolio. By the time Lois returned from her vacation on Monday, AppFolio had migrated her Yardi data into AppFolio’s online property management software. The intuitive nature of the program paired with the support of AppFolio’s staff made the transition seamless. “With AppFolio’s service, I just couldn’t ask for more. It’s just been great and they’ve made it really easy,” said Moore. In addition, Lois appreciates AppFolio’s interest in customer feeback. “I like that AppFolio is willing to take suggestions for the product from users and that they listen,” said Moore. The switch was so easy that her staff was up and running within a week of adopting AppFolio’s solution. “With any other application, I couldn’t imagine leaving the office to go out on another trip, but my staff picked up AppFolio very quickly. Three weeks later I left for 10 days and my business never skipped a beat!”


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