Mission Property Group: AppFolio’s 24/7 Contact Center Takes The Pain Out Of Handling Maintenance Calls

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Mission Property Group is a small boutique firm on the central coast of California that specializes in managing portfolios of real estate. With over 30 years of experience, they redefine your expectations of a real estate experience with unmatched customer service, integrity, and a true understanding of local and regional real estate markets.

The Challenge

Mission Property Group spent an inordinate amount of time managing the various routine tasks of their business. They had outgrown their technology solution and were in need of something better that would not only save them time, but allow them to concentrate on the more important aspects such as expanding their property portfolio. One of the biggest challenges they faced was having to handle maintenance calls themselves all hours of the day. It was very difficult to ensure residents that their issues would be handled in a timely manner. They grew tired of slow emergency response times, high call volumes during peak office hours and especially the phone ringing in the middle of the night.

When Mission Property Group implemented AppFolio Property Management Software they immediately gained efficiency throughout their business. All of their maintenance issues were handed off to AppFolio’s answering service team. Having professionally trained AppFolio agents answer the calls routinely, systematically, and 24/7, has enabled them to provide amazing results. A well-handled call can make the difference between losing a resident and gaining a new one by referral. Investing in a property management solution like AppFolio enabled the company to consistently provide a superior level of service to clients - a critical competitive differentiator for Mission Property Group.

Eliminate Stress

Implementing AppFolio meant reduced costs in day-to-day maintenance issues and employee downtime needed to handle routine tasks. Mission Property Group was able to set up the AppFolio property management answering service in less than a day. Almost immediately the new service became an extension of their office and staff no longer needed to handle maintenance calls themselves. They were able to concentrate on more important tasks for their business; which has been a true game changer. Mike Waller, President states “having an intelligent human at AppFolio who has access to our AppFolio database has proven to be wonderful.” AppFolio’s professionally trained agents seamlessly handle all incoming maintenance calls no matter the level of emergency.

“We haven’t missed their old answer service for one minute (and we really liked them).” - Mike Waller, President

Focus On What’s Important

With AppFolio Property Management Software in place, Mission Property Group has established a systematic maintenance response system that over time will help them save money and reduce wasted time. Office staff can now fully concentrate on handling leasing/sales calls instead of constantly focusing on maintenance calls and never again worry about being called during night hours. AppFolio agents understand Mission Property Group’s requirements and are able to create new work orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that are saved directly into their AppFolio account. This helps them them to keep accurate records that they can access at any time.

“I just got back from a week in Mexico and for the first time had no concern that someone would be attending to maintenance request/calls/emails and then tracking down someone in our office to get it resolved. Great service!” - Mike Waller, President

The Results

From Mike Waller, President of Mission Property Group. “A great part about AppFolio Contact Center is that we know maintenance is being dealt with. If it’s an emergency we get notified. I don’t always have to be checking my phone. If it’s an emergency the phone will ring. The best experience I had was I went away for vacation and my phone fell into the ocean in the first 30 minutes. During that time period we have a serious water main break, AppFolio couldn’t reach me, my maintenance manager was in the hospital for surgery, and our office staff had left for the weekend. They responded like intelligent human beings! They called our plumber, order the service, and took care of the repair. I got an email summary later that afternoon, it was fabulous! I had no idea it was happening and it was resolved perfectly! AppFolio Contact Center has been a huge game changer in how we handle maintenance call routing. WE LOVE IT! Love it even more that they also respond to online submissions!“

Let AppFolio Property Management Software help you eliminate stress, focus on what’s important to your business and most importantly, get a good night’s sleep.


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