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Thomas L Martinelli Realty & Property Management, LLC,
Tucson, Arizona

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Commercial (Industrial, Medical, Retail and Office)

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A Bit of Backstory

Thomas L Martinelli's previous software lacked an important feature: customer service. He also felt he was missing the necessary training and education to keep him up to speed on the latest features and how to use them to his advantage. Martinelli decided to make the move to AppFolio Property Manager.

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Why AppFolio?

Martinelli chose AppFolio for a number of reasons; the top being how the system flows seamlessly throughout and is easy to navigate. Most important though to addressing Martinelli's needs is the customer service provided by the AppFolio team. "They are all down right superior in their knowledge of the product," notes Martinelli. "I would need to spend quite some time spreading the joy of how efficient and personable the service / support team is. I am so impressed with how time after time they continue to amaze me and make a customer feel so comfortable, knowing that they are there to help whenever you need it."


"The amount saved throughout the year far outweighs any cost."

Designated Broker / Owner & Property Manager


We asked Thomas just how much AppFolio is helping his business grow and prepare for the future.

Are you saving money?

Yes, due to the saved time preparing reports; thus allowing more time to market.

Are you saving time on specific tasks?

Yes!!! Monthly reports; online payments help reduce delinquencies, going to the bank, and keeping one's attention to expansion of business as opposed to being buried in administrative work.

Do your residents pay rent online and is this reducing your costs?

Yes, they do and I am trying to necessitate the use of online payment to a new tenant. The AppFolio system makes it much more effective in keeping a better time management of your day. Less time preparing late letters, telephone calls etc; as they say, "Time is Money."


"AppFolio is a state-of-the-art property management system with the innovations I need to compete and to satisfy my customers."

Designated Broker / Owner & Property Manager

Any specific examples or actual cost reduction estimates?

Yes!! Practically eliminating any and all snail mail; easy to download reports or accounting documents through email and create a paperless file for all properties, thus saving hundreds of dollars in paper.

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What's Next for Martinelli?

With AppFolio by his side, Martinelli is ready to expand his commercial property management business into all areas of residential property management. "AppFolio has allowed me to maintain a steady stream of efficient management and more time to market new business." More importantly to Thomas, having trust in the system means he can stand tall when it comes to proposing his services to potential customers. "I love the confidence that AppFolio gives the property manager in knowing the software and that they give a smaller company the tools to compete in the same arena with the big property management companies," adds Martinelli. "I often recommend AppFolio to other prospective property manager customers; so far I think my batting average is doing quite well."


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