Walters Home Management: Raising the Bar On Service Quality with AppFolio

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Walters Home Management, a leading property management provider in San Diego, California, has built its business by providing the highest quality of management services to hundreds of satisfied clients. And, in the property management business, providing the best service to both owners and tenants is the key ingredient to driving faster business growth.

The Challenge

Walters Home Management had outgrown its technology infrastructure. Jennifer Newton, owner of Walters Home Management, was looking to switch from Yardi Systems to a modern and easier to use solution that could easily scale with the company’s growth. Newton began exploring options like Propertyware, Promas and Rent Manager before ultimately deciding to implement AppFolio Property Manager. For Newton, investing in a property management solution like AppFolio would enable the company to consistently provide a superior level of service to clients - a critical competitive differentiator for Walters Home Management.

Built for Efficiency

Because AppFolio is web based, critical information is always just a click away. This instant access to important property details enables Newton and her team to deliver stellar service at a moment’s notice. “I once received a call on a Saturday night from a tenant about a water emergency. With AppFolio, it was very easy to log in from home and find the property owner’s number,” Newton says. The ability to connect in seconds – on a weekend and away from the office – underscores Walters Home Management’s commitment to clients and to effectively managing properties by being responsive and solving problems fast.

“AppFolio will allow us
to significantly grow the portfolio without adding staff in the Accounting department.”

~ Jennifer Newton

AppFolio’s Universal Search function also enables staff members to quickly access important information by simply searching on almost anything — name, phone number, address, etc. This is so much faster than creating individual property codes to organize the properties for future searches. “Searching by name is particularly helpful when managing larger properties where individuals aren’t always recognizable. We don’t have to ask ‘Are you an owner? Are you a tenant? Are you a vendor?’ We just enter the name and the information pops up,” explains Newton. “I can always see key statistics like vacancy rates, cash flow and move-ins or move-outs so I always know exactly what’s going on.”

Another favorite benefit for Newton is the personalized AppFolio support that comes standard with the service. “We love the unlimited support that comes with our AppFolio investment. Our previous vendor charged $50 for 15 minutes of support that often didn’t solve the problem,” she says.

The Results

Eliminating redundancies and unnecessary steps for routine tasks allows Newton and her team to spend more time on profitable activities, like filling vacancies or reaching out to prospective clients. “Our bookkeeper absolutely loves the ability to directly deposit into an owner’s bank account and email the owner statements all at once,” Newton says. “This combo alone has saved us at least 5 hours a month.” Plus, AppFolio’s paperless work order feature enables the company to quickly contact vendors via email, saving an additional 3 hours of staff time each month.

“The staff love AppFolio.
Each one has commented about how easy it was to learn.”

~ Jennifer Newton

Newton also uses AppFolio’s automated and web site posting features. Instead of manually entering marketing information in multiple systems, she can add and change online vacancy postings, directly from AppFolio, posting vacancy ads in seconds. Newton is already seeing an increase in responses to her recent ads posted to

Leveraging AppFolio’s ease of use and intuitive feature set saves the entire Walters Home Management staff hours of redundant processing tasks and research time every month. “The staff love AppFolio. Each one has commented about how easy it was to learn,” Newton says. With AppFolio, the company’s processes are simplified, streamlined and smooth — so much so, that the need to hire an additional staff member has been eliminated, despite the company’s continued growth.



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