AppFolio, Inc. Announces Launch of AppFolio Property Manager

Santa Barbara, CA -- May 30, 2008

AppFolio, Inc. announced the commercial launch of AppFolio Property Manager version 1.0. Created specifically for small and mid-sized residential property managers, AppFolio Property Manager is a complete business accounting and property management software solution designed to integrate all aspects of property management business into one streamlined solution that's affordable and easy to use.

“Residential property managers told us that they needed software that helped them better manage and grow their businesses,” says Brian Donahoo, CEO of AppFolio, Inc. “We've worked hand-in-hand with property managers to develop AppFolio Property Manager, the product that delivers on that promise.”

AppFolio is an online solution covering all aspects of property management from accounting to reporting with secure access to information from anywhere. AppFolio Property Manager's intuitive design, automatic data backups and included data migration minimizes disruption to business and makes switching solutions easy. With affordable pricing, free product trial and support included, AppFolio Property Manager is the solution for property managers that want to better manage and grow their businesses.

Web-based business software made easy.
AppFolio Property Manager, the first AppFolio product, was specifically created for small and mid-sized residential property managers. AppFolio Property Manager revolutionizes the tough job of residential property management by integrating all aspects of a property managers business from accounting to reporting into one streamlined, online solution. AppFolio Property Manager's intuitive design eliminates the cost and time spent on training. Easy, step-by-step workflow and features like universal search make cumbersome tasks easy. Fast, customizable reporting delivers critical business metrics at a glance. AppFolio Property Manager is what property management software was meant to be: a solution.

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, AppFolio, Inc. was founded by a team of technology leaders with proven backgrounds in creating revolutionary, software that businesses and individuals love to use. AppFolio creates complete, easy to use, software-as-a-service business solutions for multiple vertical markets. With investors including Cisco Systems, BV Capital and the Investment Group of Santa Barbara, AppFolio has secured $22 million in funding to date.


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