What Customers Are Saying (Right Now!) About Their Experience With AppFolio Support

We know that great support really matters to our customers. But it can be hard to tell if a company provides “great support”. We all say that we do … but that’s not enough. We’ve made our support survey responses public so you can get a true sense of how dedicated we are to providing the best support in the industry. These are real customer responses—unedited and updated every hour.

Support Experience Survey Responses

At the end of every support experience (every single one!) we ask customers to rate their experience with our Support Team. After a support case is closed we send a survey with these two questions:

1. How likely are you to recommend AppFolio based on your Support experience? (0 = not likely, 10 = most likely)

2. What is the reason for the score you gave?

These are the 25 most recent responses—completely unedited.

*Updated on the hour

10 / Breigh is always on top of the service request.
0 / I was in need of speaking with a live representative, requested it in my support requests and never received a call back only emails from appfolio reps. I had to call the 800 number and speak with the gentleman at the front desk who routed my request to management and only then did I receive a call back.
10 /
/ I found Marie a little confusing to talk to and I asked her to please walk me through slowly. But we are still off in our journal entries.
10 / They were able to answer my question and even one more I thought of while I had them on the phone.
9 / quick response
10 / Aaron is always very helpful and super clear on his instructions when giving direction.
10 / Addressed my question
10 / The staff has been great on responding and explaining issues.
10 / He was able to explain how we needed to make our adjustments. They were made, once the tenant pays next week, we will know if we were successful. We anticipate the fix will work.
5 / The support experience was very helpful, and Whitney went above and beyond in attempting to help me understand how accounting works (unfortunately no dice, but that's on me), but I rarely recommend any product based on a support experience.
10 / LOVE the support! Love the functionality! Love that it's always being upgraded!
10 / Immediate response with follow up confirmation
10 / Lauren was great
10 /
10 / Whitney helped us resolve our issue within a few minutes!
8 / Quick thorough response and follow up
10 / y'all keep hitting home runs...
10 / Katelyn was very helpful.
0 / When a vendor invoices for multiple properties in a single invoice (like American Express) there tends to be credits on properties AND NO DEBITS. In this case we can't save the Bill. This has happened twice this month & we will continue to have a couple transactions like this every month. Especially as we grow and have dozens of properties. In this case the work-around was to create a JE for the credit & then remember to check off both items when doing recon. it works but it will get confusing down the road. realistically, there was only 1 transaction but in AF there are two : /
10 / Chase was very helpful. He did a great job in making sure I understood what he was teaching me. Thank you
10 / My questions were answered promptly
10 / Marie was very helpful, understanding and friendly.
10 / Ability to get to the problem and solve it.
10 /


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