Work from Any Internet Connected Computer with Web-based Software: No Hardware Required

Your time is valuable so you shouldn’t have to waste any of it to configure, maintain, upgrade or train your team on complicated, out-of-date software. 

Web-based software means you:

  • Reduce costs, maintenance and employee downtime because you don’t need to buy, manage and maintain servers.
  • Access the information you need from anywhere, anytime.
  • Are always on the most current version and we handle it all – there are no CDs or downloads required.
  • Don’t need to wonder if your software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems because it doesn't matter.

“We access our data anywhere, anytime on the Internet – even when I’m visiting my grandkids. With AppFolio we provide better service that differentiates us from our competitors.”

~ Sylvia Hill,
H.M.S. Development