Easy To Use Property Management Tools

These intuitive tools make AppFolio so easy to use, your staff will love it.

Create Customized Letters for Owners and Residents

AppFolio’s property management tools centralizes all information so it is quick and easy to create and send mass emails to residents and owners that feel personalized.

With just a few clicks you can customize and send many different types of communications. For residents, you can send personalized 3-Day notices or other types of communication like a regular marketing newsletter or note about an upcoming renewal. For owners, you can send announcements, newsletters or updates about your company.

It is easy to communicate more often with your customers, and build and strengthen relationships over time. Our property management tool also stores the complete history of all emails sent, so you have access to past communications sent to both owners and residents.

Manage Resident Move-Ins and Move-Outs with Ease

Using AppFolio’s property management tools helps property managers keep track of multiple tasks during the move-in and move-out process much easier because you are guided through all of the important steps. Your tasks stay organized and you don’t miss any vital details.

A streamlined move-out process means your property is ready for your next renter so much faster saving you time and money. The move-out process is also integrated with recurring work orders, so once the move-out process is initiated you can be confident that all of the scheduled tasks will take place.

Using Search Has Never Been This Easy…or Good

AppFolio’s property management search tool allows you to quickly find the information you need, saving you time so you can provide better service to your residents and owners.

Search is super intuitive allowing you to search on almost anything—a name, phone number, address, vendor or customized label. The dynamic search works while you’re entering in data so you find what you’re looking for, often way before you’re finished typing it into the search box.

You can even search with just a small amount of information, for example, if a prospective resident calls in and leaves a voicemail but the last few digits of the phone number are impossible to hear, you can easily find the person who called and promptly respond to their request.

Role Based Security

When using AppFolio’s property management tool you can to define roles that provide different levels of access to your users.

Depending on the role, the user has access to view and modify specific items, giving you increased security and control. This allows you to distribute more work to the on-site staff in a controlled and managed environment.

Communicate Easily Using Text

With AppFolio’s built-in property management texting tool you can quickly and easily send an important text to your residents right from your contact record in AppFolio.

It is ideal for sending residents late rent reminders, maintenance updates, community announcements, package delivery notifications or for other short time-sensitive communication.

Communicate Easily Using Text - AppFolio Property Management Tools


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