Hassle-Free Owner Portals

In addition to emailing Owner Statements every month, you can provide your owners with on-demand access to Owner Statements and reports with AppFolio’s Owner Portal. The good news is that we’ve approached it in a unique way that won’t result in owners calling you when they forget their username and password (a common challenge with Owners Portals).

You can post current and historical Owner Statements to each Owner’s Portal. You can also include any relevant reports so your owners can download these reports at their leisure. They will have access to the same Owner Statements you email on a monthly basis.

By using AppFolio’s Owner Portal, there are no logins or passwords to remember. You simply provide the Owner with the login page associated with your account. The owner then enters their email address and a one-time link to the portal arrives in their email inbox. They can then select this link and gain access to the Owner Statements.