Work Order Software

Email Work Orders to Vendors

Printing and faxing work orders to your vendors just takes too much time and is a waste of paper. With AppFolio’s work order software you can easily set single or recurring work orders for standard tasks.

Using AppFolio’s paperless work order software to communicate with vendors allows you to respond to and solve property maintenance issues much faster. Your residents appreciate how quickly you address and fix property issues and you can keep owners aware of your progress with email updates and copies of work orders.

Your team has an organized view of all in-progress and past work orders. By using AppFolio’s work order software, it is much easier to manage property maintenance tasks. You can also configure standard, recurring work orders for typical move-in / move-out tasks as well as standard monthly or annual maintenance tasks.

Work Order Markup: Flexibility To Apply Discounts Or Adjustments On Vendor Work Orders

Work Order Markup offers property managers the option to allocate a service fee on work orders to cover the costs of managing property maintenance.

This setting is configured within the work order software in AppFolio Property Manager and offers the ability to display the details on the monthly Owners Statement. This flexibility allows you to customize the work order discounting or markup process to meet your business needs and receive compensation for the additional work involved with managing maintenance tasks.