Celebrating Pride: One team, one community, one love

Last modified on June 12th, 2024

June is Pride Month, a celebration to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots that sparked the modern LGBTQI+ rights movement and further promote opportunity, justice, and inclusion for LGBTQI+ people around the world.

In honor of Pride, members and allies of the LGBTQI+ community at AppFolio are using this time to encourage education, share personal experiences, and build community. Our powerful employee stories convey messages of love, respect, and acceptance—and most of all, the importance of living authentically.

“Learning to accept being a lesbian in my late teens to mid-twenties was a tumultuous time in my life. I made almost every mistake, however, having those difficult conversations and unapologetically challenging my surroundings gave other people courage. My path made it easier for the next generation of LGBTQI+ members of my family, and they now have a great support system and always know they can count on me for help or guidance.”

– Consuelo Buencamino, Associate Public Records Analyst

“Everyone’s journey is different. I’ve always identified as a Black American, but I didn’t typically label my identity as a lesbian. Recently though, I’ve come to the realization that I really need to have those discussions with friends and family members so I can live my truth and create the village that I really want moving forward.”

– Trenae Mack, Collections Manager

“Pride for me is about being confident in my identity. I am confident in my singlehood; I am confident and love that I’m gay; I love that I’m Asian, and I love that I’m Christian. I don’t have to compromise any of those identities to fit the culture and the norm. I can be me and still live authentically.”

– Ki Ip, Content Producer, Customer Experience

“When I was younger, I often tried to blend in to be safe. Being gay was one of my many characteristics , but it was never at the forefront of my identity. All of that changed once I became a father because our family could no longer blend in, so we decided to thoughtfully and intentionally confront the world head-on. Today, if you ask my son about his mom, he will confidently say, ‘I don’t have a mom—I have two dads!’ That to me is success because at five years old, my son is confident enough in himself and our family to be real.”

– Chris Womack, Senior Vice President, Payments

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