5 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Community Manager

Last modified on September 16th, 2019

There is a 33% turnover rate in the property management industry, which indicates that it can be hard to find and retain talent. If you’re looking to hire a new community manager to replace someone who has left or perhaps your business is growing, you want to ensure that you choose the right candidate and that they stick around for the long run. To do so, make sure your new community manager encompasses these traits.

1. Dedication

Community managers act as an agent of the board, so dedication is critical. Your community manager should be committed to their job and focused on helping homeowners and board members with questions and problems they’re facing. They should be timely and use efficient communication methods to deliver excellent service and provide transparency to the association. Ideally, they take dedication to the next level by being capable of thinking ahead and trying to identify ways to be even more efficient.

2. Tech Savviness

When you hire a community manager, you need someone who can handle technology properly. We live in a world that’s becoming more digital every day, and you don’t want to choose someone who doesn’t understand technology and won’t keep up with how it changes over time. Identify those candidates who will pay close attention to the latest and greatest options for community management. As new software and tools become available, you want to be sure they don’t shy away and lean back on the old, manual ways of doing things.

3. Responsive

In the on-demand economy, homeowners and board members expect instant service. You need a community manager who’s going to be quick to respond to issues and acknowledge problems. Whether it’s answering the phone during business hours or returning emails, being responsive is a trait you’ll want to look for. That responsive nature should also extend to replying to reviews, as that can affect how others view your business. Overall, you want to hire someone who goes above and beyond for your organization and community associations.

4. Detail Oriented

Attention to detail is vital for a community manager. With the ever-changing laws and regulations in the industry, community managers must stay informed and organized. It also means they’ll notice small things that need adjustment, and that they could catch problems that might have fallen through the cracks. You want someone like that on your team, so everything gets done, and important issues aren’t overlooked.

5. Committed to Success

Naturally, the success of your business depends partially on the success of your community management team. While one person isn’t likely to make or break things for you, everyone needs to work together as much – and as well – as possible. When you’re choosing a new community manager, look for someone who has your associations’ best interests at heart. At the same time, try to spot those job-seekers who have their own career goals in mind and want to play a part in bringing your organization into the future.

Remember, it’s not just about what the person you’re hiring can bring to the table. It’s also about what your company can offer to that person. Having modern and mobile community management tools is key to retaining talent, and can help ensure that your new community manager will want to be with you for years.

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