5 Ways to Be a More Successful Property Manager

Last modified on December 30th, 2015

As a property manager, your job isn’t just to fill vacant properties and make money; it’s about helping people. You’re helping renters and their families find safe housing and at the same time helping property owners meet their income goals. The 5 Habits of Successful Property Managers slideshow below outlines five things property managers should consider incorporating into their businesses to be a more successful property manager. It’s not always easy, but making changes to processes—such as using automation tools to save time and improving the lines of communication with renters—is definitely worth it in the long run. Your owners and renters will show their appreciation of your efforts with long-term relationships.

How to Be a More Successful Property Manager

#1 – Automate as many processes as possible.
A property manager’s job is to work with people and properties. Too much time spent on repetitive tasks can take away time from helping your owners and residents.

#2 – Use technology to your advantage.
Harness the simplifying power of technology for the advantage of your renters and owners and to make your job easier.

#3 – Market your properties in a digital world.
Print ads are often outdated a second after they’re printed.

#4 – Make communication a priority.
Whether it’s lease renewal notices or changes to policy and procedure, keep your owners and renters informed so there are no surprises.

#5 – Remember people first.
For owners or renters, the rule is the same: people first.


Technology, systems, and marketing will help you maintain your business. Communicating and treating people well will help you grow your property management business. Highly successful property managers keep all of these things in mind at all times.

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