6 Blog Topic Ideas for Property Managers

Last modified on October 16th, 2018

Blogging is such a great way to connect with your community and when you include relevant search terms you are investing in generating more visitors to your property management website. OK, you’re sold! So now the harder part – coming up with ideas on what to actually blog about (details, details).

Here are 6 ideas for blog topics designed for residential property managers.

  1. Review local neighborhood restaurants and pick your top 5 favorites. Everyone needs to eat and knowing what’s close to where you live is always interesting. Make sure to mention your city and you can even link out to the local restaurant menus. If you want to get more advanced, post it on your Facebook page and ask your community to weigh in too.
  2. Talk about housing prices and trends in your local area. It is interesting to know what’s going on with housing – depending on the audience it can be good news if prices are going up or if they’re going down. Bottom line – when you show that you are knowledgeable about the area and paying attention to the trends you’re building trust with your future potential customers.
  3. Create a list of the top 5 local activities to do this time of year. You can do this blog post once a season (that’s 4 times in a year!) and it gives you a chance to showcase your local community / city. Include photos of actual people enjoying the activities…and post to your property management Facebook page, too.
  4. Write a recap of a recent community get-together. Over the holidays you probably hosted some fun events and activities for residents – recap them with some photos too. Even if you’ve posted on Facebook, this is an opportunity to really show the benefits of living at your community.
  5. Talk about the technology you’re using to make residents’ lives easier. AppFolio customers who offer the ability for residents to pay rent online can write about how easy it is to set-up and get started. You can write about the benefits of paying online vs. sending a check and even launch a fun contest to get more of your residents paying rent online.
  6. Give ideas on what residents can do to beautify their rental. You can write so many blog posts on this topic and it is a great way for your residents to feel even more connected to their home.

Set aside some time each week to write your blog posts – even just 30 minutes is a great starting point. Once you get going and see the impact on your website you won’t want to stop!


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