AppFolio Hack Day 2015 – Hack to the Future

Last modified on June 13th, 2024

At AppFolio, we impatiently count the days until the next annual Hack Day. Innovation is a core principle to our success, so events like Hack Day are an important part of our culture. It’s a time for us to get creative and hopefully apply what we learn to our day-to-day work. It’s also just plain fun!

So what is Hack Day for us? It’s a full 24 hours dedicated to thinking outside the box. People get to team up with colleagues from other departments and together invent something completely unique. See more from last year’s Hack Day. There is only one rule of Hack Day: Don’t talk about Hack Day. Just kidding, we LOVE talking about it! The only rule is that you absolutely cannot work on a project you would normally work on during a typical day.

We recently celebrated our 6th annual Hack Day; and it was our largest ever with over 150 participants. This year’s theme was “Hack to the Future,” based on the second installment of the classic film Back to the Future in which they travel to the year 2015. Anyone else still waiting for dehydrated pizza and self-tying shoelaces?

While we didn’t quite invent the hoverboard, we did create some pretty neat stuff. Here’s a look at what happens when 150 AppFolians are let loose in the wild to work on whatever they want.


As an added bonus, one Hack Day project features a few AppFolians channeling their inner master chef as they share some of their go-to recipes with you (and display some mad bagel-tossing skills). From healthy crackers to mock cocktails, these quick and easy snack ideas will make you a hit at the office. Though, maybe don’t steal the CEO’s burrito bowl.

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