AppFolio Video Case Study: Rick Kaufman, Yale Management Services Inc.

Last modified on June 13th, 2024

Rick is the president of Yale Management Services Inc., which currently manages over 3000 units. His company owns and operates a portfolio of properties, ranging from Single Family Residences to large Multi-Family Buildings. Rick explains why they decided to switch to AppFolio Property Manager and how they have grown since the switch. He was kind enough to let us interview him about his experience with our property management software. Check out what he had to say:

Here are a few highlights of the nice things Rick had to say about AppFolio:

“The reason we did come over to AppFolio, is because we felt that we could get a better product at a lesser price.”

“The personnel that work at AppFolio, we’ve had nothing but a great experience with them, from the initial sales people and the people who help implement and do the conversion…everyone has been excellent.”

“I like to make work my priority, but I like my time to spend with my family, so I’d always been able to separate the two…with AppFolio I’ve been able to incorporate both things together.”

“If I need to look something up, AppFolio is available to me…at home, on my laptop or on my phone. Everyday, wherever I’m at, I’m able to login and see my net income. I then get excited to log back in and see who more has paid and check the delinquencies to see the balances going down and check the applications that have come in.”

“It just seems like I have the ability to see so much more on a minute-by-minute bases…everyone thinks it’s the best! And we can continue to grow and continue to get more properties and do more because we have this helping us to do it. I feel like with AppFolio, it’s just something that I can be a partner with for years to come.”

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