Attract The Modern Renter: How To Leverage Mobile Trends, Online Reviews, and More (Webinar Recap)

Last modified on January 5th, 2016

We hosted a fantastic webinar today with presenter Darnell Holloway of Yelp. He highlighted some key online trends like check-ins, how to boost your mobile presence and other important concepts for attracting the modern renter.

Some highlights from this presentation include:
• Consumers are relying on online reviews more than ever – 30% of people using yelp are looking for real estate related services.
• You can use Yelp to build a strong mobile presence for free
• Responding to reviews consistently and diplomatically is recommended (Use the Stop,Drop and Roll method)

Darnell also gave a couple of great real world examples of how you can use the Yelp mobile check-in offer to attract more renters – here are some incentive offers that were suggested for potential renters:
• Offer 1 free months rent
• Offer $50 for referring a friend
• Receive 1 free starbucks drink
• Receive $25 off your application fee

If you missed this webinar, want a refresher, or just want to share with a colleague, check out the recording and slides below.

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