Last modified on June 16th, 2017

Facebook is one of the most important avenues for communication today. Whether people are using it to talk to their childhood best friends or find sales from  their favorite stores- your residents are using Facebook today. That’s why it is so important for you to use Facebook for your property management marketing, communicate with your current residents, and even bring in new renters.

People talk. In some cases this can be good, and in some it can be bad. Using Facebook can help you both see and control what’s being said about you, giving you the chance to work on your image. Good publicity isn’t the only thing you can use Facebook for, though. Advertising (research Facebook Ads), collecting rental applications, offering online-only specials – these are just some of the great ways social networking can be used. Just remember, keeping your residents happy is the key to keeping them with you.

Resident Retention and Facebook
When people are happy, they’re more likely to stay where they are and one of the best ideas is to keep helping your residents remember how great their community truly is!

We always recommend that you create a Facebook page and use it to regularly communicate with your residents. You can answer questions they may have, let them know more about your online system for rental applications (in case they want to refer a friend!), post photos of people having fun together, add restaurant reviews and even advertise events that are happening around your community. Interactions like this can even help residents get to know each other. It’s amazing what the feeling of community can do.

Facebook Resources for Property Managers