Changing Property Management Software: Move That Data!

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

Migrating your property management business data from one system to another can be a stressful experience for a business owner.

We work really hard to help our customers through this process – we’ve invested resources in both automatic migration from the old software to AppFolio, lots of training and a dedicated Implementation Manager, too.

Tips for Success

To help you ensure the best possible data migration experience please consider the following best practices.

Ensure Data is as Clean as Possible Before Starting
One of the biggest drivers of migration delays and frustration is the quality of the data. Since the end goal is to have clean data to serve as the foundation for all transactions going forward the migration will most likely involve several rounds of exporting, cleaning, reimporting and validating. It’s great to take the time in advance to ensure your data is as accurate as possible before the initial import.

Set Aside Time and Resources
Ensuring you have extra resources and dedicated time set aside will help reduce feelings of stress and pressure during the migration.

Attend Training
Most of the focus of a data migration is on getting the data input correctly, but don’t forget to attend training as well! Getting the data imported but not knowing how to use the new system leaves you in a lurch when it comes time to start using the new system and can cause a great deal of stress and frustration right when you need to be working smoothly.

Practice With The New System
Once you attend training, be sure to set aside a little additional time to practice using the new system – it will pay off.

Hope these tips help you as you move forward with your new AppFolio software!


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