Commercial Property Management Made Simple

Last modified on June 18th, 2024

For commercial property managers looking to ease up on the heavy-duty paperwork, constant trips to and from the office, and mind-boggling report creation, there’s a simple solution that will help you accomplish more in less time and allow you to accomplish it from anywhere.

Check out AppFolio’s Commercial Property Management Features Overview for a look at all the ways AppFolio can change the way that you do business—and yes, we are talking about finally ditching those spreadsheets.

What’s in it for the Property Manager?

Complicated Leases Made Uncomplicated.
Commercial leases can include complex activities to track and manage. AppFolio keeps track of everything for you, making it simple to stay on top of all the activities around the execution of those leases.

Specialized Reports for Specialized Accountants
AppFolio comes equipped with all of the most commonly used reports that commercial property managers rely on every day. If you use reports that are more specific to your business, our reports are also fully customizable, facilitating a perfect fit for the workflow you and your team are already accustomed to while centralizing all of these reports in one easy-access portal.

CAM Reconciliations. CAM Reconciliations. CAM Reconciliations.
Need I say more? If you’ve been waiting to reconcile your common area maintenance costs once a year because of the time it takes to process bills and tenants’ responsibility based on individual leases, stop waiting! Our CAM feature allows you to easily track, bill, and reconcile these costs whenever you need them, simply by running a report based on the information you have already entered into your AppFolio.

Check out our post CAM Reconciliation Just Got Easier for more information.

Other features in the Commercial view of AppFolio Property Management include:

  • Scheduled Rent Increases
  • Commercial Oriented Reporting
  • Tracking Important Lease Activities

Whether you are bouncing from program to program, constantly switching between computer and paper documents, or just stuck in the spreadsheet stone age, it won’t pay off to wait any longer on investing in a platform that can truly save you time and money. With the right software to serve as your business partner there is no limit to the ways your company can grow.

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