Efficient Property Maintenance = Quality Residents

Last modified on June 16th, 2017

Let’s be honest, maintenance tasks aren’t fun. Especially when they can range from messy to tedious. Unfortunately, as a property manager, maintenance is part of the job. In order to keep your residents happy, you have to address any maintenance concerns they have quickly and efficiently.

Now, that job might sound daunting, especially if you have a large number of units, but we have a great solution for you. With property maintenance software, you can tackle every issue right from your computer. Doesn’t that sound better than rifling through paperwork?Advantages of Maintenance Software
One of the greatest things about software like AppFolio’s is that it cuts down on the time you’ll need to deal with issues. Gone are the days of miscommunication, delayed work orders, and waiting for your vendors. Now, everything is in one place and communication is electronic.Responsible Manager, Responsible Residents
Simply put, when you show you care about your property, your residents will care as well. People want a safe, clean place to live, and when you provide them with one, they’ll take care of it. AppFolio’s software can not only help you stay on top of your maintenance requests, work orders, and other tasks, it can actually help you earn a better reputation as well.It goes without saying that people often base their housing choices on the word of others. So wouldn’t you want to make sure everyone has positive things to say about your place?

Maintenance and Success
When you have fast response times for property maintenance it truly contributes to resident happiness – this means better reviews, better word of mouth and higher renewal rates.  Who doesn’t want a resident that cares for their home? AppFolio can help accomplish that for you.


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