Last modified on August 20th, 2013

When determining how to operate your property management business, you have the option to determine if you’d like to maintain staff strictly off-site, or if on-site property management is a better option. If you’re considering on-site property management, there are some ways that you can explain the advantages to property owners.

Interest In The Investment
Both property owners and on-site managers are committed to receiving a good return on their financial investment. An on-site manager is invested in the complex or property as their very position mandates. The owner is almost always looking for a return on their investment. Both parities can work together to make sure this occurs.

On-The-Spot Service
Off-site managers do not provide the same level of service as those properties with on-site managers. Having someone on the property makes it easy for residents to get help with an issue and continue to enjoy where they live. On-site property maintenance can be a selling point for prospective residents as well!

Setting Realistic Targets
Owners often have grand ideas about a rental property. An on-site manager has the know-how to determine if these ideas and targets are realistic. Managers can often meet those targets or inform the owner to scale back on their expectations. Off-site managers can accomplish this as well, but being there for the day-to-day operations can provide greater insight.

Selling Residents On The Property
Residents can rest easy knowing that there is a manager on site 24 hours a day. That personal connection can often be the difference in a resident staying in a property for a long time. Owners should see the advantages of having such personal service from a business standpoint. Many residents select properties for their rentals because they have on-site managers. These property managers provide that extra service and security for residents.