Last modified on April 20th, 2018

These days, if you’re not using social media, you’re missing out. Whether it’s keeping up with friends, getting coupon bargains from major retailers, or just generally staying with the times, Facebook is here to stay whether you like it or not. Don’t be scared, though. As a property manager, you can use social media to your advantage!How? Well for one, Facebook is a perfect place to advertise your condo, apartment, or home and increase your chances to collect even more rental applications. Don’t believe us? We’ll just have to show you, won’t we?

Exposure Is Everything
Although you might not be friends with them all, there are over 800 million people who actively use Facebook. Most users have 100+ friends. If you share your advertisement with a friends list of 100, and they share it with their friends list of 100, that’s a ton of exposure! Facebook pages are free to create, and you can not only maintain them, but also interact with fans. Facebook pages are a great place to post interesting articles about your neighborhood, community or resident activities.  You can even post a few vacancies on your page.

Another option is to create a Facebook Ad, and tailor it to meet your publicity budget. With Facebook Ads you can target your vacancy advertisements to specific groups based on their location so you are sure to serve ads to Facebook users who are in your geographic area.  You can also choose to show your ads to friends of people who ‘like’ your Facebook page.  There are many choices to narrow your selections and this can make it a cost-effective marketing channel.

Facebook and Property Management
Ultimately, while you may not be collecting rent via Facebook, it’s still a fantastic tool. Whether you’re posting ads or simply checking out residents, you can make Facebook work for you. That’s pretty easy, right? We definitely think so. Download this free eBook guide on how property managers can use Facebook.