Go Mobile With Your Property Management Business

Last modified on July 10th, 2017

As a property management firm, your workers are probably running around all day to make sure your properties are properly maintained and looking good, right? All this oversight makes it very hard to have a central place for your information to be located. So why not try the AppFolio mobile app?

In this day and age, nearly everything is run through a phone, whether it’s managing your stock portfolio or presenting a boarding pass at the airport, our phones now perform a litany of services that make life much easier. It would make sense then that managing your properties should be something that you manage on your phone, as well.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, leverage mobile app features to enable you to get more done anywhere and everywhere you go. Here are three reasons you should look to go mobile with your property management business.

1. Centralization
The AppFolio mobile app provides you with access to centralized contact records for each of your renters, a drastic improvement over carrying around a notebook that can be easily lost and can’t be backed up. Connecting to one centralized information repository with each renter’s information makes it much easier to stay organized and on top of different residents’ respective needs. With your mobile app, you can solve problems, answer questions and take care of customer service needs from anywhere you are.

2. Notes
It can be a daunting task to try and take down every little note, suggestion, or complaint about a property from a tenant. These notes can be easily lost or forgotten. Not with AppFolio’s mobile app! By utilizing your phone, notes can be added easily and work orders can be edited and submitted in the field instead of having to track down everything later on. The mobile app enables your business to be more nimble, getting more done each day.

3. Photos
Instead of going through a process of taking in-the-field photos and then slowly printing or transferring them to where they need to go, these photos can be immediately saved to the corresponding records in AppFolio Property Manager. Instead of traveling around with another camera, adding to your load, the only thing needed is your phone.

As the digital age continues to progress, take the leap and manage your properties with ease on the go!


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