How GSF Properties Uses AppFolio Property Manager to Grow Their Business

Last modified on January 27th, 2017

Dan McCoy talks about the ways in which AppFolio Property Manager makes GSF Properties a more successful company. From everyday bookkeeping tasks to customer engagement, everything is streamlined and trackable through AppFolio software.

“We’ve worked a lot on customer service and culture with the extra time that we’ve saved. We can really focus on making our company better at what it’s supposed to do, which is focusing on our customers and our clients and making their experience better.” – Dan McCoy, GSF Properties, Fresno, CA

Since transferring from a paper system to cloud-based AppFolio Property Manager about 5 years ago, renters and owners have more confidence in GSF thanks to increased mobile capabilities that offer transparency and quick decision making. For this 9,000+ multifamily unit business, taking on new properties, growing their business, and increasing profitability is a very easy process with AppFolio property management software by their side.

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