Everyone Wins at the 10th AppFolio Hack Day Games

Last modified on July 22nd, 2016

20160714_olympic_hack_day_0019When coming up with a theme for AppFolio’s 10th Hack Day, the Olympics was a pretty obvious choice. With the big games coming soon in Rio, it felt fitting to host our own friendly competition in Santa Barbara, complete with a lunch spread of Mediterranean falafels, a Brazilian-themed dinner, and Pinterest-inspired Olympic rings! There were even fun toys like sweatbands, paddle balls, and squash safety glasses on hand to get people in the spirit of the Hack Day games and keep them awake when hour 23 arrived.

With onlhack-day-2016-jackety 24 hours to complete your project, time is of the essence; but being fast doesn’t win you a place on the podium at Hack Day. After short (and very entertaining) presentations, winners are selected in four categories: Technical Achievement, Most Useful to AppFolio, Most Original, and Best in Show. (Sorry I can’t divulge all the winners; but you might see some of the winning features and designs implemented into the product in the future!)

Hack Day is a 24-hour event to foster innovation and creativity, to think outside of your daily routine, and enjoy some team bonding. We encourage people in different departments to work together with others they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to work with. The results are a mix of awesome product features and fun inventions.

Check out all the fun and games from AppFolio’s Olympic Hack Day in our Facebook photo album.

Hop in the Delorean, gun it to 88 mph, and go back in time to check out last year’s Hack to the Future event.


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