Much of the day-to-day work of property management involves basic maintenance, repairs, and regular inspection of your properties. Rather than hiring a contractor every time something needs to be fixed, or constantly having to check up on all your properties, it is often more cost-effective to hire regular maintenance staff. Hiring staff that you trust can make your job a lot easier, save you money, and ensure that your properties continue to run smoothly. Here are some tips in hiring an effective maintenance team without breaking the bank.

Define Responsibilities
The first thing you need to do is make a thorough list of all the responsibilities that you would like your maintenance staff to handle. Many of these may be general, but it is also important to think about the unique needs of your properties to ensure that the staff you hire is properly qualified. For instance, if your property has an older boiler system, make sure you hire someone with specific experience with similar systems. Being as specific as possible about the responsibilities and unique challenges of maintaining your property will allow you to find the best-matched staff possible. Furthermore, finding a staff with experience tailored specifically to your property cuts down on training costs and time.

Advertise & Interview
Once you’ve made a list of responsibilities, create a job advertisement and come up with a list of interview questions to ask candidates. The advertisements you put online or in a newspaper should include any unique challenges about the position, so you don’t waste your time interviewing someone who can’t meet that need. If you are referred to potential new staff members by someone you trust, make these individuals aware of the unique challenges as well – you don’t want to skip any steps in the process just because someone comes to you as a referred candidate.

Once you have a number of candidates, make sure you go through your entire list of questions in the interview process. Make the interview as specific and practical as possible, giving specific scenarios that may arise in your properties. Ideally, your maintenance staff will be able to manage your properties without your explicit approval for every little detail, so testing their decision-making skills during the interview process is important.

Qualities To Look For
You should be looking for someone with the right skills and experience to match your properties’ needs and someone you can trust to make sound, well thought-out decisions on their own when appropriate. The more responsibility and independence you believe a candidate can manage, the more work will be taken off your plate. This will also save you money in the future, by reducing your need for expensive contractors during urgent situations.