Hurricane Preparedness Are You Ready For The Next Superstorm?

Last modified on August 20th, 2013

Hurricane and natural disasters can affect anyone. You and your property are no different. Ensure your property and tenants are prepared the next time a hurricane hits. Superstorm Sandy is just the most recent example of disastrous hurricanes producing massive damage to property. Sandy created tens of billions of dollars of damage and destroyed thousands of homes. People on the shoreline were not alone, even those in the Midwest felt the affects. No matter where your property is, it is important to pay attention to hurricane safety. More so than ever, it is vital that you prepare for hurricanes.

Follow these tips to be better prepared the next time a hurricane hits:

  • Compile an emergency contact and information list that you can distribute to your tenants if a storm is approaching. This should include the nearest hurricane shelter, a map of evacuation route(s), and numbers for the local police and fire departments.
  • Encourage your tenants to make their own emergency info list and collect them. This can include their contact numbers, plan of evacuation, and any renter insurance information.
  • Encourage your tenants to prepare an emergency kit with at minimum a first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, battery operated radio, water, and canned food.

In the case of an actual hurricane, do the following:

  • In severe cases, recommend tenants fill their bathtub with water in case of a shortage.
  • Due to fire hazards, remind tenants not to use candles.
  • Make sure you turn off the main gas valve, install storm shutters or plywood on windows, and elevate appliances and furniture, especially in lower floors and basements in case of flooding.

The key is to be prepared early, so when a storm approaches you can quickly and efficiently take the necessary steps to keep your tenants safe and avoid property damage.


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