Introducing AppFolio Investment Management

Last modified on April 2nd, 2019

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our offerings for the real estate market with the launch of AppFolio Investment Management, a new real estate investment management software designed to empower real estate investment managers with a modern solution that streamlines fund and syndication management.

AppFolio Investment Management was created with the same easy-to-use, secure, and modern interface as AppFolio Property Manager, providing increased transparency and a personalized self-service experience for investors while providing flexible tools for investment managers.

AppFolio Investment Management includes:

Investor Relationship Management

CRM functionality allows managers to track the interest level of prospective investors while communicating with current investors, directly and securely accessing their contact and bank information and capital invested.

Fundraising Tracking & Management

Users can send communications and track the interest level of prospective investors as well as manage investor commitments and receive notification when signed documents and capital contributions are received from investors.

Investor Portal

Investors have on-demand access to a performance dashboard that summarizes investment positions, asset information, and capital invested and distributed.

Reporting & Document Sharing

One central hub organizes key information and reduces the errors and risks associated with double entries. Investment managers can conveniently distribute and share reports, investment documents, and K-1s with investors who can view the information anytime, anywhere, through the secure AppFolio Investor Portal.

Secure Investor Data

All digital information is stored safely in a state-of-the-art data center manned 24/7/365, ensuring all sensitive material is encrypted and protected by security systems.

Morris Groberman, co-founder and principal at NWCRE  is using AppFolio Investment Management to transform the way he connects his investors to investments:

Visit the AppFolio Investment Management website to learn more.


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